Section 153. Create Multiple Listings with Turbo Lister

153. Create Multiple Listings with Turbo Lister


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If you frequently create auctions and are looking for a way to create them more quickly and in bulk, you owe it to yourself to give Turbo Lister a try. It's free, it's simple to use and, after only a few minutes, you'll have created your first auction. Here's how to use it:

Download and Install Turbo Lister

Go to and click the Download Now button. You are sent to a page that has two download links: one that installs the program from the Web and one that lets you download a full installation program. You should install the program from the Web because that version checks whether you already have some components that don't need to be reinstalled. Click Turbo Lister Web Setup to install from the Web; click Turbo Lister Full Setup to download a file and install it from your computer. In both cases, you should close all open programs before installation.

If you install from the Web, you get a security warning asking whether you want to install eBay Turbo Lister . Click Yes and follow the installation directions. If you instead choose to download the installation file, remember where you save the file on your hard disk; then double-click the file and follow the installation instructions.

After you install the program, run it by either telling it to run at the end of the installation process or double-clicking its icon on the desktop.

Create a New Turbo Lister File

When the program starts, you are asked whether you want to create a new Turbo Lister file. Creating a file is not the same thing as creating an auction . When you create a file, you tell Turbo Lister to use your eBay username, and then only later on do you actually create an auction.

To create a file, click Next and enter your eBay user ID and password. Click Connect Now when the next screen comes up, enter your contact information, and click Finish .

153. Create Multiple Listings with Turbo Lister

Create a New Auction Listing

After you enter your contact information, you come to a screen that lets you create a new auction listing. Select the kind of auction you want to createa normal Auction , a Fixed Price listing, an item for your Store (if you have an eBay store), or a real estate listing in an Ad Format . Then click Next .

The next page asks your item's title and category. Fill in the information as you would if you were creating the auction directly on eBay. (For more information, turn to 129 Start the Sell Form and Choose a Category .)


For certain items, such as music CDs, you can use the Turbo Lister software to automatically get photos and prefilled information about what you're selling, such as the description of the item. Click the Try Now button near the bottom of the screen to do so.

When you're done filling in the information about the title and category, click Next .

Design Your Listing

The next screen lets you choose a template, write your description, and include art. (For more information about writing a good description and formatting it using HTML, turn to 130 Write the Title and Description and 131 Format Your Description with eBay's HTML Editor .) From the left side of the Turbo Lister screen, select the template you want to use. Use the built-in HTML Editor to format your description with HTML commands, and select a picture by clicking Click Here to Insert a Picture and then browsing through your hard disk to find the picture you want to use. To add a counter to your auction, click the Select a Counter button at the bottom of the page.

Before you move on to the next step, click the Preview tab to see what your auction will look like. When you're done, click Next .

Add Final Details

On the next page, fill in the final details about the auction, such as its duration, the price you're charging for the item, payment details, shipping information, and similar data. When you're done, click the Save button.

At this point, your auction is saved in the program but has not yet been posted to eBay. After you click Save , you come to a screen that has all the auctions you've already created but that have yet to be posted to eBay. From this screen, you can specify the actual starting date of the auction by filling in the information at the bottom of the screen next to Schedule to Start On .

To create another auction, click the Create New button and follow the instructions outlined in steps 35.

Upload Your Auctions

When you've created several auctions you want to post to eBay, highlight each and click Add to Upload . Note that this action doesn't yet upload your auctions. Instead, it adds them to a waiting queue.


To find out which eBay fees you have to pay for all the auctions you've selected to upload, go to the Listings Waiting to Upload tab and click Calculate Listing Fee(s) .

To actually upload your items, click the Listings Waiting to Upload tab. Then click Upload All to eBay ; all your auctions, including your graphics, are uploaded and your auctions begin.

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