Section 152. About Advanced Seller s Tools

152. About Advanced Seller's Tools


124 About Selling on eBay

137 Review and Post Your Auction


145 Track Your Auction

You'll find a variety of tools to help you sell better on eBay. Some, such as Turbo Lister and Selling Manager, are available directly from eBay, either on the site itself or as a download. But other types of tools are available as well, such as using a knowledge of HTML to add colors and fonts to your auction or knowing the basics of how to write ad copy that sells.


If you have items you want to sell but don't want to have to sell them yourself on eBay, there's now a way to do it. In fact, you don't even need an Internet connection. Instead, you can pay one of a variety of services that take your goods, create an eBay auction, and complete the sale for you, all in return for a fee. Among the services that do this are and

When using these selling tools, keep in mind that the best tools won't help you if you don't have something good to sell and aren't smart about setting the right price. For more information on finding goods to sell, turn to 125 About Finding Items to Sell . And for help determining how much to charge for your goods, see 127 Determine Your Selling Price and Estimate Your Selling Fees .

eBay offers three particularly useful tools for medium- to high-volume sellers. eBay Turbo Lister lets you create professional-looking listings and upload literally thousands of items in bulk uploads. Seller's Assistant helps you create auctions as well (see 154 Manage Multiple Listings with Seller's Assistant ). Use it to create multiple auctions quickly. Selling Manager, Seller's Assistant , and Selling Manager Pro primarily help you after you've created the auctions; they're for the most part sales management tools that can track all your auctions, ensure that you get paid and ship the goods on time, and help with paperwork and finances.

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