Moving from Worksheet to Worksheet

Now that you've taken a look at how to enter labels, values, formulas, and functions, you should take a look at how to navigate the space provided by Excel workbooks and worksheets. By default, each workbook starts off with three worksheets. You can add or delete worksheets from the workbook as needed. Because each workbook consists of one or more worksheets, you need a way of moving easily from worksheet to worksheet. Use one of the following methods :

  • Click the tab of the worksheet you want to go to (see Figure 6.1). If the tab is not shown, use the tab scroll buttons to bring the tab into view, and then click the tab.

    Figure 6.1. Use the tabs to move from worksheet to worksheet.


  • Press Ctrl+PgDn to move to the next worksheet or Ctrl+PgUp to move to the previous one.

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