Switching Between Workbooks

Switching between the different workbooks that you have opened on the Windows desktop is very straightforward. By default, each workbook has its own button on the Windows taskbar and opens in its own Excel application window. To switch between workbooks, click the button for the workbook you want.

If you don't want to have a separate taskbar entry for each open Excel workbook, you can turn this feature off using the Windows in Taskbar option on the View tab of the Options dialog box (click Tools, Options ). Keep in mind, however, that disabling this feature means that you will have to use the Window menu to switch between Excel workbooks. To do so, select the Window menu, and then select the name of the workbook you want to make the current workbook in the Excel application window.

Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
Year: 2002
Pages: 660
Authors: Joe Habraken

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