Linking Items to Accounts

You can also link Office documents related to an account directly to the account record in the BCM. This allows you to link Word documents (such as letters ), Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, and Access databases to an account. This makes it very easy to find these documents when you need them because you can open them from the account.

To link an item to an account, follow these steps.

  1. Open an account in the BCM (double-click on the account).

  2. In the account's dialog box, click the Add button in the Account history area.

  3. Select Document from the list that appears. An Open dialog box will appear.

  4. Use the Look In drop-down box to locate the folder that holds your file. Select the file, such as an Excel workbook, that you want to link to the account.

  5. Click Open . The file will be listed in the Account history box.

You can add additional documents to the account as needed. When you want to open a file linked to the account, double-click the file in the Account history box. The file will open in the appropriate Office application.


Link Office Documents to Business Contacts You can also link Word documents and other Office items such as Excel workbooks to business contacts. Open a business contact and then follow the steps provided for linking a document to an account.

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