Adding Contacts to Accounts

After you have entered business contacts and accounts into the BCM, you can add the appropriate contacts to each of the accounts. This enables you to associate each business contact with the company or organization for whom they work.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Contacts on the Navigation pane , and then select Accounts in the Business Contact Manager .

  2. In the Accounts pane, double-click on any account to open it.

  3. In the Contact area of the Account dialog box, click the Add button. A list of the contacts in the BCM will appear (see Figure 21.6).

    Figure 21.6. Add contacts to an account.


  4. Select a contact in the left pane of the Contacts dialog box. Click the Add button (>) to add the contact to the Selected Items list. Add other contacts as needed.

  5. When you have added the appropriate contacts to the account, click OK . You will be returned to the Account dialog box.

The contacts that you add to the account will appear in the Contact list in the account's dialog box. If you want to remove a contact from the list, select the contact and then press the Delete key. Make sure you save the changes that you make to the account before closing it.


Contacts Specified as Primary Contact Are Automatically Added to the Contact List When you add the primary contact to an account by pulling a contact name from the business contact's list (as discussed in the previous section), that contact is automatically added to the contact list for the account.

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