Chapter 5. A Primer on Third-Party Theme and Skins Software

In this chapter

  • Looking at the choices for theme and skinning software

  • Selecting skinning software

  • Downloading and installing skinning software

This chapter examines third-party software that goes beyond the GUI modifications of a Windows theme and provides a set of tools that enables you to skin the Windows environment. This chapter serves only as an overview to skinning software. Chapter 6, "A Closer Look at Skinning Software," provides more details and covers specific skinning products.

As discussed in Chapter 1, "Understanding the Windows XP Graphical User Interface," skinning refers to not only the modification of theme elements, but also the modification of Windows visual styles and even the modification of logon and boot screens. Some of the available skinning software also makes skinning Windows applications such as Internet Explorer and the Windows Media Player easy. Let's begin our discussion by looking at the various possibilities.

    Skinning Windows XP
    Skinning Windows XP
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