Chapter 3. Working on the NLD Desktop

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6 About the GNOME Desktop

7 Navigate the GNOME Desktop

8 Use the Menu System

9 Manage Virtual Desktops

10 Change the System Date and Time Settings

11 Get Help on the GNOME Desktop

12 Run a Program from the Run Application Dialog

13 Access the Command Line

14 About File Commands

15 Use File Commands

16 About System Commands

17 Use System Commands

NLD uses the GNOME desktop (by default) to provide an easy-to-use desktop environment. In this chapter we take a look at the basics of navigating the GNOME desktop including how to use the desktop menus, work with application windows and virtual desktops, and access a command shell to execute NLD command-line tools.

First we discuss GNOME and where GNOME came from. Then we can explore the GNOME desktop in a more hands-on fashion.

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