131. Add Text to a Slide

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After you've created a slide, you can add text to it by selecting any of the placeholder text on the slide and then typing your text as needed. In some situations you may want to add text to a slide in a new text box. You can add text boxes, text boxes where the text fits the frame (making the font size dependant on the frame size), and you can also add callouts that allow you to provide information related to a certain part of an image, chart, or other inserted object.

Before You Begin

130 Insert a New Slide

Select Text Tool

Insert a new slide or use a current slide in a presentation. On the Main toolbar, select the Text button's arrow and select one of the text tools such as Text or Fit Text to Frame (this changes the font to mimic the size of the drawn frame).


You can move from slide to slide in your presentation using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the workspace. To select a particular slide, click on the tab for that slide. The slide tabs show the name that you entered when you created the slide.

Draw Text Box

Use the mouse to "draw" a text box on the current slide. When you release the mouse a cursor appears in the text box.

Enter Text

Type the text that you want to place in the text box.


You can drag the text box by its border to any location on the slide. If you want to change the size or shape of the text box after you have entered text, use the sizing handles on the text box. After text is in the text box, you can select the text using the I-beam and then format the text using the font formatting and alignment tools on the Object bar.

Add Callout to Slide

Callouts allow you to draw attention to a particular place on a diagram or picture. Select the Text button's arrow (as in step 1) and then select the Callouts tool. Drag the mouse from the item that you want to "point out" with the callout to a position where you want the callout's text box to appear. Then release the mouse.

Type Callout Text

Type and format the text in the callout's text box as needed. You can drag the callout to position it more precisely on the slide.

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