130. Insert a New Slide

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As you create your slide presentation, you will need to enter new slides. The quickest way to insert a new slide is using the Presentation toolbar. You can also insert a new slide using the Insert menu.

Before You Begin

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129 Create a New Presentation

Activate Presentation Toolbar

If the Presentation toolbar is not open in the Impress workspace, select the View, Toolbars, Presentation. The Presentation toolbar appears.


You can dock the Presentation toolbar in the Impress workspace. For example, if you want to dock the Presentation toolbar on the right side of the workspace, hold down the Ctrl key and then drag the Presentation toolbar to the right border of the Impress window. When you dock the Presentation toolbar you are provided access to a series of buttons at the bottom of the toolbar that allow you to quickly switch the current view in the workspace.

Insert New Slide

On the Presentation toolbar, select Insert Slide. The Insert Slide dialog box appears.

Select Slide AutoLayout

In the Insert Slide dialog box type an optional name for the slide. Select a layout for the new slide from the AutoLayouts provided (the Title, Text layout is selected by default after you have created a title slide for the presentation). After making your selection, click OK. The new slide appears in the Impress workspace.

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