129. Create a New Presentation

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Impress provides the AutoPilot Presentation Wizard, which walks you through the process of creating a new presentation. The wizard allows you to select a background for the slides in the presentation and quickly add a standard slide transition for the slides in the presentation.

Before You Begin

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Start Impress

Select the Programs, Office, Presentation. The AutoPilot Presentation Wizard opens.


If you don't want the AutoPilot Presentation Wizard to appear each time you start Impress, select the Do Not Show This Dialog Again check box on the first wizard screen. When you open Impress in the future, you are taken directly to the Impress workspace and a new blank slide opens. You can then open existing presentations as needed. If you do want to use the AutoPilot to create a new presentation, select File, AutoPilot, Presentation.

Select Presentation Type

On the first wizard screen select a new presentation type such as Empty Presentation or From Template. If you select From Template a list of templates appears. Select a template from the drop-down list. To continue, click Next.


If you want to open an existing presentation from the AutoPilot Wizard, select the Open Existing Presentation option.

Select Slide Design

On the next screen select a slide design from the Presentation Backgrounds drop-down list. To select an output medium (other than the default: Screen), select the appropriate option button such as Overhead Sheet or Paper. After making your selections, click Next to continue.

Select Slide Transition and Timing

On the next wizard screen you are provided the option of selecting a slide transition for the slides in the presentation. Select a transition type from the Effect drop-down list (such as Fly in from Left or Dissolve). To set the speed of the transition select the Speed drop-down list and select a speed (Medium is the default).

If you want to create a self-running automatic presentation, select the Automatic option button. You can then set the page and pause duration timings using the appropriate spinner box. After you have configured the settings on this wizard screen, select Create to continue.


You do not have to select a transition type for your slides in the AutoPilot Presentation Wizard window. You can add transitions to your slides using the Slide Show menu (and then Slide Transition) as you create each of the slides.

Select Slide AutoLayout

The Modify Slide dialog box opens. This allows you to set the AutoLayout for the first slide in the presentation. This layout is typically Title Slide layout. You can also enter a name for the slide. This is a descriptive name, which is saved with the slide's properties. After selecting the slide layout and entering the optional slide name, click OK. The new slide appears in the Impress window in the Drawing view, which is used to add text and other objects to the slide (only one slide is shown in the Drawing view at a time).

Add Text to Slide

Placeholder text is provided on the new slide. Select any of the placeholder text and enter your slide text as needed.


To save your new presentation, select the Save Document button on the Function bar. In the Save As dialog box provide a name and a location for the new file; then select Save.

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