132. Modify Slide Layout

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You can modify the layout for the current slide in the Drawing view. Because layout changes can affect text and objects already on the slide, you may want to finalize the layout for a slide before adding items to the slide.

Before You Begin

130 Insert a New Slide

Open Modify Slide Dialog

Open the slide in the Drawing view. Select Format, Modify Layout. The Modify Slide dialog box opens.


You can also use the Presentation toolbar to duplicate the current slide. This allows you to change the layout for the slide and see how the change affects the text and objects already on the slide.

Select New Layout for Slide

Select a new layout for the slide in the Modify Slide dialog box. Then click OK to accept the selection.


Changing the slide layout negates you from "undoing" any changes made to the slide before you change the layout. Although changing the layout preserves current objects on the slide, it may make them look a little strange when the new layout places additional new objects on the slide.

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