112. Print a Document

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Printing a document in most applications follows a few very similar steps. This task will show you specifcally how to print a document in Writer.

Before You Begin

111 About Printing in Writer

Open Print Dialog

With the document you want to print open in the Writer window, select File, Print. The Print dialog box opens.

Set Print Options

In the Print dialog box use the printer Name drop-down box to select the printer you will use for the print job. Specify the print range for the document if you are not printing the entire document. If you want to print multiple copies of the document, use the Number of Copies spinner box to specify the number of copies.


You can set other options for your print job. Select the Options button in the Print dialog box. The Printer Options dialog box opens. You can select the objects you want to print in the document (such as graphics and tables) and change the order of the print job. When you close the Printer Options dialog box you are returned to the Print dialog box.

Print Document

After you have specified the options related to the print job, click OK. The document will be sent to your printer.

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