111. About Printing in Writer

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Despite the web, email, and all other forms of electronically dealing with documents today, there are still times when you may find it necessary to print out a hard copy of a document.

Before You Begin

35 About Printing and NLD

36 Add and Configure a Printer

37 Print to a Printer

Writer can print to any printer that has been installed on your system. This includes local and network printers that have been installed through CUPS. You can quickly print a document by selecting the Print File Directly button on the Function toolbar. This sends the print job to the default printer using the default print settings.

If you want to be able to choose from the different printers that you have access to, you will want to print via the Print dialog box (select File, Print). The Print dialog box allows you to select the printer, the page range to print, and other options related to the print job.

You can preview your print jobs using the Page Preview feature (select File, Page Preview). The Preview window allows you to zoom in and out on a page and view multiple pages as they would print.


You can also print a document to a file. This file can then be printed on any computer regardless of whether you have OpenOffice.org. You can also export Writer documents as PDF (Adobe Acrobat files). This is useful because the standard document type for most websites is now the PDF file format. The PDF format also preserves all your formatting, graphics, and so on. To export a document as a PDF, select File, Export as PDF. Provide a filename and then save the newly created PDF file.

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