Chapter 12. Creating Spreadsheets with Calc

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113 About Calc

114 Enter Text and Data

115 Enter Dates

116 About Creating Formulas

117 Create a Formula

118 About Calc Functions

119 Use the Function AutoPilot

120 Select and Format Spreadsheet Cells

121 Insert and Delete Columns

122 Insert and Delete Rows

123 Insert, Name, and Delete Sheets

124 Sort and Filter Data

125 About Calc Charts

126 Insert and Format a Chart

127 Print a Spreadsheet

Everyone on occasion has to do some number crunching in the form of invoices, balance sheets, or budgets. provides Calc, a full-featured and easy-to-use spreadsheet program. In this chapter, we look at how to create basic spreadsheets and take advantage of Calc's many features including functions, chart creation, and the printing of spreadsheets.

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