Who Is Red Hat, Inc.?

Red Hat, Inc., has been providing services to the Linux community since 1993. Its mission is to provide professional tools to computing professionals. As previously mentioned, various vendors have created distributions that include a collection of components around a specific version of the Linux kernel, complete with an installation program more akin to those found on the Windows platform instead of the more manual process found in earlier versions of Linux. Red Hat is one such vendor that, at the time of writing, holds the majority share of the Linux marketplace (according to various independent studies) and has seen its revenues grow to more than $10 million in the past few years .

Red Hat releases Red Hat Linux in a variety of different versions:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS: Ideal for small desktop deployments.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES: Ideal for small/mid-range servers.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS: Ideal for high-end and mission-critical systems.

  • Red Hat Professional Workstation: Ideal for single- user desktop deployments.

For more information on these versions and their features, visit Red Hat s Web site at www.redhat.com/ .

Beginning Fedora 2
Beginning Fedora 2
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