EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), relationship to BizTalk Server, 53

e-mail, monitoring inbox for, 213–219

e-mail activity, testing execution of, 218–219

EmailTrackingChannel class code sample, 200–201

Empty Workflow Project project template, description of, 75

endpoints in WCF

components of, 347

relationship to service node, 349

EnqueItem method of WorkflowInstance class, description of, 100

EnqueItemOnIdle method of WorkflowInstance class, description of, 100

EnrollmentApproved code sample, 116–117

EnrollmentService instance, including in college application communication service, 111–113

EnsureSaved method for workflow designer hosting, 286

error messages

displaying for HelloWorld project, 23

identifying, 28

event activities

developing, 213–219

IEventActivity interface of, 211

workflow queues, 211–212

event handlers

for ASP.NET page flow engine, 328

for CodeActivity of dynamic update, 277

configuring from Properties window, 81

delivering messages to, 119

using with shopping cart workflow application, 271

for workflow designer hosting, 285–287, 289–290

EventDriven activities

using, 84–85, 110, 131, 254

using with state machine workflow designer, 258, 260

event-driven workflows, support for, 5–6, 8, 16–17

EventDrivenActivity state-machine activity class, description of, 39

EventHandlingScope and EventHandlers activities, using, 131


accessing, 81

listening for, 135

Events property of WorkflowTrackingLocation, valid values for, 176

events view, displaying for Properties window, 81

Excel, new features in, 357

Excel Services, features of, 358

exception handlers, specifying, 296


derivation of, 295

versus faults, 296

throwing, 295

exclamation point (!), meaning of, 23, 28

Execute method

using with WaitForEmailActivity, 217–218

using with WriteFileActivity class, 154

ExecuteCode event handler

defining in code-only model, 65–66

modifying for web service called inside workflow, 338

using in college application communication service, 114–115

ExecuteCode event, using with Code activity, 126–127

ExecuteCode property, setting for HelloWorld project, 24

execution path, modifying with dynamic update, 49

execution/deployment phase of BPM, explanation of, 3

ExecutionStatusEvents property, using with ActivityTrackingLocation class, 175

expired content, managing with Disposition Approval workflow, 364–365

explicit chaining, using with rules, 233–234

expression classes for CodeDom, descriptions of, 239

expression joiners, using in rules language, 226

expressions, using in rules language, 225

extensibility, significance of, 50

Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)

persisting workflow definitions to, 66–68

relationship to WPF, 12–13

extensible models, basis of workflows on, 4–5

external web services, making calls to, 134

ExternalDataAttribute, using with communication-service interfaces, 105

ExternalDataEventArgs class

properties in, 106–107

using with local communication services, 105–107

ExternalDataExchange runtime service

public methods exposed by, 105

using with communication service classes, 104

ExternalDataExchangeService instance, in college application communication service, 111–112

Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
ISBN: 0470053860
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 118
Authors: Todd Kitta

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