F5, pressing to test HelloWorld project, 27

fault handlers

accessing, 299

versus cancellation handlers, 302

placing in workflows, 301

Fault property, using with Throw activity, 148

FaultHandler activities

adding to FaultHandlers activity, 83, 88

using, 132–133

FaultHandlers activities, using, 132–133, 299


analyzing messages related to, 298

versus exceptions, 296

explanation of, 296–299

handling, 299–302

raising declaratively, 303

throwing, 302–304

faults view, description of, 83

feature.xml file for SharePoint, 380–381

field data types, choosing in SharePoint Designer, 376


Activity class, 145

activity designer, 85

Add New Item dialog box, 80

Add submenu for Project menu, 80

Add Web Reference dialog box, 134, 336

Approval workflow in SharePoint, 361

BAL (base activity library) activities, 38

binding dialog box for web service called inside workflow, 339

BizTalk Server mapping interface, 55

BizTalk Server related to hub-and-spoke model, 54

breakpoint during execution, 306

Breakpoint option in Visual Studio, 305

Browse and Select a .NET Type dialog box, 107

CancellationHandler default view, 83

Collect Feedback workflow in SharePoint, 363

Collect Signatures workflow in SharePoint, 364

communication workflow in Visual Studio, 111

ConditionedActivityGroup with Code activity, 146

context menu in state machine workflow designer, 258

debugging functionality in Visual Studio, 304

Disposition Approval workflow in SharePoint, 365

e-mail activity, 219

event-driven workflow, 17

faults view for fault handler catching SqlException, 84

Faults view of workflow, 132

forEachDate method of ForEachActivity class, 209

HelloWorld project, 27

HelloWorld workflow, 30

identity card issued in Windows Vista, 14

IfElse activity, 27

IfElse activity before configuration, 28

InfoPath form, 59

instructions for IT recruiter for hiring process, 7

InvalidOrder state for shopping cart workflow application, 264

Microsoft Excel, 357

Microsoft Word 2007, 356

.NET execution model, 93

.NET Framework stack, 11

New Project dialog box, 20

New Project dialog box in Visual Studio, 72

ordered workflow, 16

page flow engine, 325

Parallel activity functions, 136

Performance Monitor, 51, 313

Program.cs and Workflow1.cs files, 73

Project menu, 77

Properties window in Visual Studio, 81–82

property binding dialog box in Visual Studio, 148

recursive state composition, 255–256

report in SharePoint, 368

Rule Condition Editor, 237

Rule Set Editor dialog box, 236

rules file associated with workflow file, 245

RuleSet Editor, 45

sequential workflow, 21, 35

setTheState SetState activity, 139

SharePoint, 58

SharePoint workflow in Visual Studio, 385

Shopping Cart Workflow application, 263

state machine for shopping cart workflow, 263

state machine workflow designer, 257, 259

state-machine workflow, 290

Theme Customization dialog box, 87

Three-state workflow’s association screen, 372

toolbar, 77

tracking infrastructure, 180

tracking software bugs, 8

Visual Studio 2005 development screen, 47

Visual Studio Toolbox, 78

Visual Studio Toolbox displaying custom components, 78

WaitForEmailActivity, 218

While activity, 143

workflow designer hosting, 288

Workflow Designer wizard in SharePoint, 376

workflow development view, 84

workflow implementation for exposing workflow as windows service, 350

Workflow menu, 76

workflow stack, 34

Workflow Status screen in SharePoint, 367

XAML form, 13

XAML workflow in workflow designer, 63

file persistence service code sample, 191–196


loading layout data from, 292

working with workflow definitions in, 292

FileWorkflowPersistenceService code sample, 191–197

first names, passing to workflows, 26

ForEachActivity class, using with iterative activities, 207–209


See also Windows Form shopping cart workflow application;

workflow forms

adding submit action to, 389

designing, 389

implementing using InfoPath and Forms Server, 387–390

modifying button rule for, 389

modifying data source for, 388

Forms Server, features of, 358

FreeShipping rule, rules XML file for, 45–46

FrontPage. See SharePoint Designer 2007

FSMs (finite state machines), support for, 5–6, 8, 16–17

full chaining options for rules

attribute-based chaining, 230–231

implicit chaining, 230

process of, 229–230

RuleInvoke chaining, 232–233

RuleRead chaining, 231

RuleWrite chaining, 231–232

Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
ISBN: 0470053860
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 118
Authors: Todd Kitta

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