Storing Retrieved Pages

When you use Notes to retrieve web pages, the pages are stored in the Personal Web Navigator database located on your local drive. When you use "Notes with Internet Explorer" to retrieve web pages, the pages may automatically be stored in the Personal Web Navigator database, or you may opt to store pages manually. You can make this choice as follows:


Open the Personal Web Navigator database.


Choose Actions, Internet Options from the menu.


Select the Size Options tab.


Select Automatically store pages for disconnected use or Manually store pages for disconnected use.


Click Save and Close.

If you opt to manually store pages, you can store them by displaying the desired page in the Notes menu, then choosing Keep Page in the Actions menu.

If you are storing web pages in the Personal Web Navigator database, you should manage the stored pages. For example, you need to specify how often stored pages should be updated. From the menu, choose File, Preferences, Location Preferences. When the current Location document opens, select the Advanced tab, and then click the Web Retriever tab (see Figure 13.4).

Figure 13.4. Messages about web retrieval are stored in your Notes log, along with the daily activities Notes performs. For Retriever log level, select None (the default) to have no messages sent about web retrieval, Terse to send minimal messages, or Verbose to send all messages.

Select an option from Update cache:

  • Never Select this option if you never want to update your stored web pages.

  • Once Per Session This is the default setting. This option updates stored web pages once per Notes session.

  • Every Time Select to update stored web pages each time you open one. This is especially important when you need up-to-date information every time you open a page (such as with stock prices).

Click the Save & Close button on the Action bar to save your choices.

How many parts of a web page do you want to retrieve at once? Do you want to retrieve the text, images, and video all at the same time? You can set Notes to retrieve more than one at a time by choosing File, Preferences, Location Preferences from the menu, clicking the Advanced tab, selecting the Web Retriever tab, and then selecting a number in the Concurrent Retrievers field (15 is the default). However, the more retrievals you have working at the same time, the more computer memory you use, and the slower your computer will be in downloading pages.

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