Section 11. View Captured Clips

11. View Captured Clips


4 About Video Capture

5 Capture Digital Video Using FireWire

6 Capture Digital Video Using USB

8 Capture Analog Video


7 Control Your DV Camcorder During Capture

9 Capture Video or Audio Only

10 Capture to the Timeline or Media Panel

12 About Troubleshooting Capture Problems

After you've captured your clips, you can view them right in your Capture workspace to ensure that your captures have been successful.


Disconnect Your Camcorder

Disconnect or simply turn off the camcorder. This might seem like a superfluous step but, because of the way Premiere Elements diverts resources during capture and output to tape, it can make a real difference in playback. If you leave your camcorder plugged in when you view your captured clips, the video playback often appears jumpy and uneven.

11. View Captured Clips


Select a Clip

While still in the Capture workspace, double-click the clip you want to review in the Media panel. This action opens the Edit Monitor panel. If your clip doesn't immediately appear in the Monitor, double-click it again or click the Clip View button at the top of the panel.


Play the Clip

Use the playback controls and the shuttle slider in the Monitor panel to play the selected clip in the Edit Monitor panel.

To keep your workspace from becoming cluttered, you can close the Edit Monitor panel.

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