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Safe Margins tool (More button)
Sample Rate option (Export Movie Settings dialog, Audio settings)
Sample Type option (Export Movie Settings dialog, Audio settings)
Saturation setting (Properties panel) 2nd
Save Files options (Media Downloader)
Save Preset dialog (Properties panel)
     Anchor to In Point option
     Anchor to Out Point option
     customized transitions, saving
     Scale option
     Type option
     audio effects
     customized preset effects 2nd
         version 1 files
         version 2 files
         as AVI files
     MPEG files 2nd
     new projects
     presets 2nd
     QuickTime files 2nd
     still images
     titles 2nd
     WMV files
Scale option (keyframing)
     changing settings
         edge lines, removing 2nd
     moving cars across maps effects
     pan/zoom effects 2nd
     split-screen effects
Scale option (Save Preset dialog)
Scale to Frame option (Timeline)
scaling images
    Default Scale to Frame Size option
     Scale to Frame option (Timeline)
Scenalyzer analog video capture software
Scene Detect feature
     analog video captures
Scene Detect option (Monitor panel)
     turning on/off
Scene Marker option (DVD Marker dialog)
scene markers (DVD)
         changing clip In Point location
    motion menu markers
         creating, changing clip In Point location
         creating, customzing text
         creating, setting motion blur duration
scene markers (DVDs)
     auto-generating 2nd 3rd
     video production tips
Scenes Menu thumbnail (DVD Layout panel)
     customizing scene markers
scenes, establishing
     video production tips
scratch disks
     titles 2nd 3rd
Seasons category title templates
     Credits category
     Frame category
     List category
     Lower, Upper, and Other Thirds category
     Roll category
     Title category 2nd
SECAM (Sequential Couleur avec Me-moire) television standard 2nd
see what the camera sees
     video production tips
Select tool (Timeline)
semi-transparent clips
     creating 2nd
Set In and Out points buttons (Monitor panel)
Set Marker button (Monitor panel)
Setup window (splash screen)
     New Preset button
     NTSC settings
     PAL settings
Shadow/Highlight effects (Video FX)
     showing video through 2nd 3rd 4th
Sharpen/Blur effects (Video FX collection)
     Ghosting effect
shimmer effects (images)
         editing original image
         Flicker Removal option (Field Options dialog)
     Work Area Bar (Timeline)
Show Keyframes button (Properties panel) 2nd
    keyframe timelines
         in Properties panel
shrinking effects 2nd 3rd
     moving titles
     panels 2nd
shuttle controls (Monitor panel)
shuttle tool (Monitor panel)
single-sided transitions
         special effect applications
     images 2nd 3rd
         high-resolution images
     Media Downloader
         Media Downloader
         in Timeline
    arranging still order
         Ctrl key
         Icon view (Media panel)
         List view
     changing transition location
     characteristics, setting 2nd
     loading slides to Timeline
     music synchronization 2nd 3rd
     selecting slides from Media panel
     setting default transitions
     special effects
slowing audio/video 2nd
Smoothing setting (Properties panel)
     transparency effects
Snap Neutral Midtones setting (Auto Color effects)
Snap option (Timeline, More button) 2nd 3rd
    anti-virus software
         computer maintenance tips
     Media panel 2nd
     adding to DVD menus
         loop transitions
         setting In Points
     Balance effect
    Balance effects (Audio Effects group)
         attaching to audio clips
         removing from 2nd 3rd
    Dolby Digital
         burning to DVDs
     Dynamic effects (Audio Effects group)
         attaching to audio clips
         Compressor option
         Expander option
         Gate option
         Limiter option
     linking to video
     music/slideshow synchronization 2nd 3rd
     unlinking from video 2nd
     video production tips
         raising/lowering 2nd
         tracking 2nd
Space Required area (Burn DVD dialog)
Space Required area (DVD Burn dialog)
Spatial Interpolation options (Bezier)
     variable-speed pan/zoom effects
speaking to audience
     video production tips
special effects
     applying on Properties timelines
    applying to clips
         keyframing 2nd
         playback, effects on 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
         resizing/repositioning clips
         changing behind people 2nd
     Basic 3D (Video FX)
     Blue Screen Key (Video FX)
     Blur (Video FX)
    blur effects
         isolated blurs 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     Brady Bunch[ITAL] effects 2nd 3rd
     Camera View (Video FX) 2nd
     cars moving across maps 2nd 3rd
     Chroma Key (Video FX) 2nd 3rd 4th
         changing backgrounds behind people 2nd
         edge lines in scaled clips 2nd
         flying effects
         shrinking effects
         morphing into paintings 2nd 3rd 4th
     Color Replace (Video FX) 2nd
    Corner Pin (Video FX)
         attaching clips to objects 2nd
    Crop effect (Video FX)
         moving lines across maps effects 2nd 3rd
         split-screen effects
     Facet (Video FX)
     Fade In
     Fade Out 2nd
     flying 2nd 3rd
     framing effects 2nd 3rd
     framing video with images 2nd
    Garbage Matte (Video FX)
         isolated blur effects 2nd
     Ghosting (Video FX)
     Green Screen Key (Video FX)
     Invert (Video FX)
     Lens Flare effects 2nd
     Lightning (Video FX) 2nd
     lines moving across maps 2nd 3rd
    motion effects
         adding to stills 2nd
     multiple effects per clip
     Non-Red Screen Key (Video FX)
     opacity effects 2nd
    pan effects
         adding to stills 2nd 3rd 4th
         adding to stills, variable-speed 2nd 3rd
     PiP (Picture-in-Picture) effects 2nd
     Polar Coordinates (Video FX)
     Posterize Time (Video FX)
     shrinking 2nd 3rd
     speeding up/slowing
     split-screen effects 2nd
     Strobe Light (Video FX) 2nd
         transparency effects
     Track Matte (Video FX)
         isolated blur effects
         Matte Alpha option
         Matte Luma option
         Reverse option
         showing video through shapes/text 2nd
     Transform (Video FX) 2nd
         Corner Pin effect
     transparency effects 2nd 3rd
     Twist (Video FX)
     Video FX (Effects and Transitions panel)
         Adjust effects
         Blur/Sharpen effects
         Channel effects
         Distort effects 2nd
         Image Control effects 2nd 3rd
         Keying effects 2nd 3rd 4th
         Perspective effects 2nd 3rd
         Pixelate effects
         Render effects 2nd 3rd
         Stylize effects 2nd 3rd
         Time effects
         Transform effects 2nd 3rd 4th
     video, showing through shapes/text 2nd 3rd 4th
    zoom effects
         adding to stills 2nd 3rd 4th
         adding to stills, variable-speed 2nd 3rd
speeding up
     special effects
speeding up audio/video 2nd
Spherize effects (Video FX, Distort category)
Splash Screen
     new projects, viewing on
splash screen
     Capture Video option
     navigating 2nd
     New Project option 2nd
    Open Project option
         Browse dialog
     Setup window
         New Preset button
         NTSC settings
         PAL settings
     Tutorials icon
Split Clip tool (Timeline) 2nd 3rd
split-screen effects 2nd
     computer maintenance tips
Star Wars[ITAL] credit rolls, creating 2nd
Start Off Screen option (Roll/Crawl Options dialog) 2nd
     video captures 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Step Back button (Monitor panel) 2nd
Step Forward button (Monitor panel) 2nd
Still Image Duration option (Timeline)
     default duration, changing
still images
     duration changes, effects on
     grabbing from video 2nd 3rd
     adding presets to 2nd
     adding to titles
     attaching clips to 2nd
         adjusting 2nd
     duration, setting
         changing default duration
    file formats
         BMP files
         EPS files
         GIF files
         JPEG files 2nd
         PNG files
         PSD files
         TIF files
         90 degrees
     framing video with 2nd
         adjusting 2nd
    Media panel
         adding to 2nd 3rd 4th
     Media panel, adding to
    Monitor panel
         repositioning in
     panning 2nd 3rd 4th
     panning (variable-speed) 2nd 3rd
    Position settings (Properties panel)
         repositioning via
    preset effects
         applying effects to multiple stills
         still deterioration
     preset motion effects, adding 2nd
         keyframe adjustments 2nd 3rd
     preset motion effects, removing
    problem stills
         locating on Timeline
         NTSC full-screen images
         NTSC widescreen images
         PAL full-screen images
         PAL widescreen images
         pixel rates 2nd
         changing anchor points
         dragging to rotate
         precise rotations
         adjusting 2nd
         disabling Default Scale to Frame Size option
         Scale to Frame option (Timeline)
     shimmer effects, removing
         editing original image
         Flicker Removal option (Field Options dialog)
     sizing 2nd 3rd
         high-resolution stills
         arranging still order 2nd 3rd 4th
         changing transition location
         loading slides to Timeline
         music synchronization 2nd 3rd
         selecting slides from Media panel
         setting characteristics 2nd
         setting default transitions
     Timeline, dragging to 2nd 3rd
         aspect ratios
     zooming 2nd 3rd 4th
     zooming (variable-speed) 2nd 3rd
Stop Capture button (Capture workspace) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Stop Marker option (DVD Marker dialog)
         in Monitor panel
stopwatch icon
     removing keyframe points
stories, finding
     video production tips
stories, telling
     video production tips
     DVD files
     MiniDV files
     new projects
striping video tape 2nd
Strobe Light effect (Video FX) 2nd
     transparency effects
Stylize effects (Video FX collection)
     Strobe Light effect 2nd
         transparency effects
surge protection
     video captures
     web resources
Swap Channels effects (audio)
system files, managing
     computer maintenance tips
system requirements
     Premiere Elements 2.0

Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
ISBN: 0672328534
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 199

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