XML Databases and Repositories

XMLSPY’s mission is to provide XML development support and integration with all of the leading XML databases and repositories to bridge the transition from an XML editing environment to any XML document storage and retrieval platform. The following is a listing of some of the XMLSPY integrations that have been completed in XMLSPY.


Oracle XML DB is a new feature of Oracle9i Database Release 2; it provides a high-performance, native XML storage and retrieval technology available with Oracle9iR2. Oracle XML DB provides full support for XML Schema and implements a WebDAV repository interface. This makes Oracle9iR2 ideally suited for use in conjunction with XMLSPY to build document frameworks, which are Web-based XML content applications. An example product catalog application, including source code, can be viewed at www.altova.com/nanocatalog.html.

Oracle has recently published two technical white papers about Oracle XML DB:

Oracle XML DB: A Technical White Paper http://technet.oracle.com/tech/xml/xmldb/pdf/xmldb_92twp.pdf

Oracle XML DB: Uniting XML Content and Data http://technet.oracle.com/tech/xml/xmldb/pdf/xmldb_buswp.pdf

Both white papers highlight XMLSPY’s authoring support for Oracle XML Schema Extensions from within XMLSPY’s Schema Design view. More information on Oracle XML DB can be found at http://technet.oracle.com/tech/xml/xmldb/content.html .

Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 supports XML technologies by means of the SQL Server 2000 Web Services Toolkit and SQLXML 3.0, which is included on the CD accompanying this book. SQLXML 3.0 includes mapping schemas, which are additional attributes under a separate namespace that are ignored by an XML validator. They contain information on how to persist an XML document into relational database tables residing in the SQL Server database. A sample News Room application (including source code) has been developed using XMLSPY and SQL Server 2000. It can be viewed at www.altova.com/nanonews.html. For more information about SQL Server 2000, visit www.microsoft.com/sql/.

Software AG Tamino XML Server

XMLSPY 5 includes integrated support for Software AG’s Tamino XML Server. The XMLSPY editing environment includes the capability to search, open, edit, save, or delete XML documents to and from a Tamino XML Server. Additionally, the XMLSPY Schema Editor supports editing of Tamino Schema Definitions (TSD), conversion of XML Schemas to TSD files, and validation of XML instance documents using Tamino Schemas. Altova has partnered with Software AG to offer a product bundling of XMLSPY 5 and Tamino XML Server (limited edition, for development purposes only)—for more information visit www.softwareag.com/tamino/.

The XMLSPY Handbook
The Official XMLSPY Handbook
ISBN: 764549642
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 121
Authors: Larry Kim

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