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  • Has the project team diagnosed employee attitudes toward the proposed change? ____

  • Will they participate in the change process? ____

  • Has the team determined the optimal time for project kickoff? ____

  • Has the team determined the optimal pace for the changes envisioned in the project? ____

  • Has a clear message gone out to the enterprise concerning realistic project accomplishments? ____

  • Has sufficient information about potential payoffs been disseminated so that employee expectations are high enough to ensure general involvement? ____

  • Have likely difficulties and a full timetable been communicated so that expectations are not unrealistically high? ____

  • Have stakeholders had an opportunity to voice their concerns? ____

  • Are project participants at all levels clear about the extent of their

    • Mandate? ____

    • Authority? ____

    • Budget? ____

    • Nonfinancial resources? ____

    • External/internal partners (teammates)? ____

    • Time commitment? ____

  • Have sufficient resources been allocated to complete the project in a timely and effective manner? ____

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E-Commerce Security: Advice from Experts (IT Solutions series)
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