Organizational Linkages

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  • Has a compelling case for change been made? ____

  • Has the case for change taken into consideration other changes already underway around the organization? ____

  • Is there a formal steering committee or informal advisory committee of key senior managers/stakeholders? ____

  • Are there clear procedures for obtaining their opinions and keeping them informed? ____

  • Has the project team completed a stakeholder analysis, measuring the relative impact on stakeholders of the following variables:

    • Status? ____

    • Clout/power/influence? ____

    • Rewards? ____

    • Opportunities/challenges? ____

    • Visibility? ____

    • Self-image? ____

  • Is there a working group/task force/change committee involving stakeholders? ____

  • Is there a clear and convincing linkage between the proposed project and the enterprise's strategy, goals, and objectives? ____

  • Does this discussion include a consideration of the needs and concerns of long-standing members of the enterprise who may view proposed changes as a critique of past performance and contributions? ____

  • Is there a process for communicating progress/developments to stakeholders? ____

  • Is there a process for communicating progress/developments to non-stakeholders? ____

  • Have the supervisors of change process participants

    • Agreed to the assignment? ____

    • Appropriately adjusted goals and objectives? ____

  • Have provisions been made for participants to give time to the project without having

    • Their other work suffer? ____

    • Their co-workers suffer? ____

  • Are the project's goals and objectives consistent with the goals and objectives of the enterprise? ____

  • Have other areas of the enterprise that might affect or be affected by the project been

    • Identified? ____

    • Informed? ____

    • Incorporated into the project design when possible? ____

  • Are there mechanisms in place to ensure the general dissemination of project goals, activities, and results? ____

  • Are the linkages in place between the project steering committee and associated task forces, etc.? ____

  • Do steering committee and task force members understand their individual responsibilities to keep their colleagues/constituencies informed? ____

  • Do steering committee and task force members understand their individual responsibilities to obtain input from their colleagues/constituencies? ____

  • Is the approval process for decisions and action/implementation clearly articulated and consistently communicated to stakeholders? ____

  • Has the enterprise committed to a realignment of resources in line with project priorities and objectives? ____

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