Oddball Solution

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When a problem is solved one way throughout a system and the same problem is solved another way in the same system, one of the solutions is the oddball or inconsistent solution. The presence of this smell usually indicates subtly duplicated code.

To remove this duplication, first determine your preferred solution. In some cases, the solution used least often may be your preferred solution if it is better than the solution used most of the time. After determining your preferred solution, you can often apply Substitute Algorithm [F] to produce a consistent solution throughout your system. Given a consistent solution, you may be able to move all instances of the solution to one place, thereby removing duplication.

The Oddball Solution smell is usually present when you have a preferred way to communicate with a set of classes, yet differences in the interfaces of the classes prevent you from communicating with them in a consistent way. In that case, consider applying Unify Interfaces with Adapter (247) to produce a common interface by which you may communicate consistently with all of the classes. Once you do that, you can often discover ways to remove duplicated processing logic.


Refactoring to Patterns (The Addison-Wesley Signature Series)
Refactoring to Patterns
ISBN: 0321213351
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Year: 2003
Pages: 103

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