Working with Constant Resource Availability


The General tab of the Resource Information dialog Project allows you to contour the Max Units for a resource over time. This means that you can specify a date range and the Max Units for that resource during that time period. This can be useful when you know that a specific resource will only be available to your project half-time for the month of June, but then full- time for July and August, and then half-time again in September.

Defining Constant Availability

graphics/one_icon.jpg Double-click on the resource you want to define.

graphics/two_icon.jpg To set the resource so that it has a constant Max Units over time, make sure that the Available From and Available To fields both read NA.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Make sure that the Units value equals the Max Units value you want to set for the resource.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Click OK to save your changes.


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