Working with One-Time Changes in Resource Availability


This section shows you how to create a contoured availability, with the resource available for a given Max Units value up to a specific date. After that date, the resource is available for a different Max Units value.

Defining a One-Time Change in Availability

graphics/one_icon.jpg Double-click on the resource you want to define.

graphics/two_icon.jpg The value NA in the Available From field indicates that the Units value on that row should be in effect for all dates up to and including the date in the Available To field.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Specify the last date that the Units value on this row should be in effect.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Specify the Units value.

graphics/five_icon.jpg The second row defines the new units value, and the Available From field specifies the date on which the new Units value takes effect.

graphics/six_icon.jpg A value of NA here specifies that the Units value will be in effect from the Available From date until the end of time.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Specify the new Units value.


For Your Information

Contoured Availability Changes Max Units

In the example shown, as soon as Project detects that the current date is later than 7/23/2004, the Max Units for the resource Brian Kennemer will change to 50%. For any date prior to 7/24/2004, his Max Units value will be 100%.

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