Printing Views as Reports


Printing Views as Reports

Views are really what make up how you interact with Project. If you are like most users, you spend a lot of time getting your views just right to show the information you need to see. For this reason, Project allows you to print your views. In this way, they are a lot like a report. This section talks about what you need to do to print your views as reports and how to format them and control the print settings so that you get the best results.

Adjusting Field Widths Before Printing

graphics/one_icon.jpg To have Project fit the field width to the longest entry in that field, hover the pointer over the right border of that field and double-click.

graphics/two_icon.jpg To manually adjust the field width, hover the pointer over the right border and hold down the left mouse button.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Drag the mouse left or right to change the field width and release it when the field is the desired width.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Repeat for each field.


Did You Know?

When you print a view, Project shows the columns that are currently visible onscreen by default and also uses the current timescale settings.

Adjusting Visible Fields Before Printing

graphics/one_icon.jpg Hover your mouse over the vertical border between the table and the chart area of your view.

graphics/two_icon.jpg To get Project to snap the border to the right edge of the field to which it is closest , just double-click on the border.

graphics/three_icon.jpg To manually move the border, hover your mouse over the border and hold down the left mouse button.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Drag the mouse left or right to move the border.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Release the mouse when the border is in the desired location.


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