Using Windows Accessories

Using Windows Accessories

Windows comes with several accessories, built-in programs that, while not as feature-rich as many programs sold separately, are extremely useful for completing basic tasks .

One of the most useful features Windows offers is the ability to use data created in one file in another file, even if the two files were created in different Windows programs. To work with more than one program or file at a time, you simply need to open them on your desktop. A program button on the taskbar represents any window that is open on the desktop. When you want to switch from one open window to another, click the program button on the taskbar. If you tile, or arrange open windows on the desktop so that they are visible, you can switch among them simply by clicking in the window in which you want to work.

Frequently Used Windows Accessories



Address Book

Stores names , addresses, and other contact information


Performs arithmetic calculations

Character Map

Inserts special characters from installed fonts

Internet Explorer

Displays Web (HTML) pages


Magnifies parts of the screen

MSN Explorer

Provides Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger, Windows Media Player, and Hotmail (Web e-mail) functionality all in one program


Reads aloud the screen contents


Creates, edits, and displays text only documents

On-Screen Keyboard

Allows keyboard input using the mouse or other pointing device

Outlook Express

Provides e-mail, newsgroup, and directory services


Creates and edits bitmap pictures

Sound Recorder

Creates and plays digital sound files

Windows Media Player

Plays sound, music, and video

Windows Messenger

Sends and receives instant messages to online contacts

Windows Movie Maker

Creates movies using audio and video files


Creates, edits, and displays text, Rich Text Format, and Word documents

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