Windows XP offers a number of useful tools for managing such routine tasks as installing and removing programs, and formatting, copying, and repairing disks. Windows XP also provides tools to find and fix disk problems, speed up disk access, and clean up disk space. By periodically finding and repairing disk errors, you can keep your files in good working condition and prevent disk problems that might cause you to lose your work. You can also schedule these tasks to run on a regular basis. If you find Windows performing sluggishly even after performing routine maintenance, you can adjust system processing and memory settings to improve performance.

Keeping your computer up-to-date is another way to keep your computer in good working condition. Windows Update scans your computer for any software components or fixes that need to be installed and automatically or manually downloads them from the Internet. If problems do occur, you can undo harmful changes to your computer and restore its settings, or you can use one of several startup options to help you start Windows in a safe environment with basic files and drivers where you can restore settings and fix the problem.

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