When you've developed your content in your presentation and want feedback, you can send a PowerPoint presentation to reviewers electronically so that they can read, revise , and comment on the presentation without having to print it. With Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, others can add comments to your presentation and you can view them. Instead of reading handwritten text, or sticky notes on your printout, you can get clear and concise feedback.

When reviewers return the edited presentations to you, you can track all of the revisions and comments, accept or reject them, and merge them into the original presentation. You can track reviewer changes in two ways ”by using the Reviewing toolbar, which contains buttons that let you accept and reject comments, or by using the Revisions pane, which shows information related to the changes and comments in your presentation.

Adding a password to protect your presentation is not only a good idea for security purposes, it's an added feature to make sure that changes to your presentation aren't accidentally made by unauthorized people. Not only can you guard who sees your presentation, you can set rights on who can actually add changes and comments to your presentation. You can also add restricted access known as Information Rights Access (IRM). IRM is a tool that is available with all Microsoft Office applications that restricts a file being sent through e-mail to other users.

If your computer is on a network or if you have access to the Internet, you can give a slide show on any other computer on the network by using PowerPoint's online broadcasting feature. You can also collaborate in an online meeting, and show your presentation online through your network.

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