Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 provides many tools to help you coordinate your slide show as a complete multimedia production. After all your effort to create your presentation, the final details could be the lasting memory of your slide show.

Before you can deliver a slide show, you need to select the type of show you want. Will your show be presented by a speaker, or be self running? Will your show include narration or animation? These are some of the questions you will need to set up for your slide show. Some presentations include slides that are appropriate for one audience but not for another. PowerPoint lets you create custom slide shows that include only a selection of slides, in whatever order you want, intended for a given audience.

After setting up your slide show requirements, you can add other special features to customize your show. Elements such as creating transitions between slides, adding special visual, sound, and animation effects. Using animations ”effects that animate your slide elements, such as text flying in from the right or fading text after it's been shown, can increase the interest in your slide show.

PowerPoint includes tools that let you time your presentation to make sure that it is neither too long nor too short. You can set the timing of your slides as you rehearse your slide show. You can see if each slide has enough time on the screen. You might want to add a narration to your slide show or a music clip to play during a planned coffee break in your presentation. You can also create a self-running presentation to package for off-site clients or to run at a trade show.

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