Arranging Windows

Arranging Windows

When you want to work with information in a database, or move or copy information between databases or programs, it's easier to move windows out of the way or display several windows at once. You can use the sizing button on the title bar or the pointer to resize and move windows around for easier viewing. You can also arrange two or more windows, from within Access or from different programs, on the screen at the same time.

Resize a Window

All windows contain the same sizing buttons and mouse functionality:

  • Maximize button . Click to make a window fill the entire screen.

  • Restore Down button . Click to reduce a maximized window to a reduced size.

  • Minimize button . Click to shrink a window to a taskbar button. To restore the window to its previous size, click the taskbar button.

  • Close button . Click to shut a window.

  • Mouse pointer . Position the pointer over the edge of a window (changes to a two-headed arrow), and drag to resize a window.


Move a Window


Position the pointer over the title bar of the window you want to move.


Drag the window to a new location.


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