Viewing the Access Window

When you open a database, the Access program window opens and displays a title bar, menus , toolbars and either the Database window or a switchboard. The Database window is where you can create and edit your databases using the Database toolbar and database objects. A switchboard is a window that gives easy access to the most common actions a database user might need to take.

Parts of the Access Window

  • The Database title bar displays the name of the open database.

  • The menu bar contains menus that represent groups of related commands.

  • The Database toolbar contains buttons that you can click to carry out commands.

  • The status bar displays information about the items you click or the actions you take.


Did You Know?

You can customize Access startup . Click the Tools menu, click Startup, set the startup options you want, and then click OK. Close and open the database to see the new startup.

You can view the Database window . All the databases that come with Access 2003 open with a switchboard. You can open the Database window by clicking the Window menu and then clicking the name of the database.

Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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