Deleting Records with a Query

If you want to remove records from a table based on a criterion or criteria, you can do so with a delete query . The delete query searches the table you specify and removes all records that match your criteria. Because Access permanently deletes these records, use caution before you run a delete query. You can preview the results before you actually run the query. By clicking the Datasheet View button, you can see which records will be deleted before you actually run the query.

Create a Query to Delete Records


In Query Design view, create a select query.


Click the Query Type button list arrow on the Query Design toolbar, and then click Delete Query.


Click the Datasheet View button on the Query Design toolbar to preview the list of deleted records.


If you're satisfied that the appropriate records would be deleted, click the Design View button to return to Query Design view.


Click the Run button on the Query Design toolbar.


Click Yes when Access asks if you're sure you want to delete records from the table.


Open the table to view the remaining records.


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