factory beans,69–71,99–102. See also specific factory beans

FactoryBean interface,69–71

factory-method attribute, bean element,54–55

FieldError class,87

FieldRetrievingFactoryBean class,101,157

file: prefix for resource location string,85,92

FileEditor class,102


application components,handling,97–99

multiple,for container definitions,95–96


FilesystemResource class,85,92

filesystems,using as resources,84

FilesystemXmlApplicationContext interface

constructors taking resource location paths,92

resource access and,85

FilterSecurityInterceptor class,Acegi,369,385

finder methods,DAO,24

formCheckboxes macro,510

formInput macro,510

formMultiSelect macro,510

formRadioButton macro,510

formSingleSelect macro,510

formTextArea macro,510

formView property, SimpleFormController class,468


coined Dependency Injection,8

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture ,343

framework. See  application framework; Spring Framework; web frameworks

FreeMarker template engine

configuring view resolver for,506–507

constructing view using,489–490

definition of,505

form simplification macros,507–510

integration with,21

Front Controller (Dispatcher Servlet),424,430

frozen property, ProxyConfig class,134

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
ISBN: 0764574833
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 188

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