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effective font sizes compared to Windows PCs, 254
text display compared to Windows PCs, 249
MacOS text resolution, 254
Macromedia website
Contact Macromedia page, 238-240
home page of, 26, 27
Mailman listserv software package, user interface of, 151
Making People Type blooper, 122-124
memo to, 282
of Web development teams , 5
mandatory choice, indicating, 148, 149 See
meaningful defaults, menus needing, 132-133
meaningless options for users, 58
choosing from an explicit set of possible values, 123
containing their own prompt as a default value, 135
with no default, 130-133
preferable to radiobuttons when no default can be assumed, 135
setting the initial value as its label or an instruction to users, 130
with vague labels and no initial values, 132, 133
metadata, 178
Microsoft Word, tabs in, 276
black text on a saturated red background, 255-256
duplicate links not involving navigation bars, 98
error message for invalid phone number, 124, 125
improving the legibility of the error messages, 257
Personal Support Incident Submission page requesting redundant information, 44-45
text excerpts from, 249, 250
misleading descriptions on Web pages, 25-26
Missing Links: It's Back or Nothing blooper, 116-119
Missing or Useless Content blooper, 35-37
Missing Relevant Items blooper, 175-178
mistakes. See bloopers See Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers website (Monterey, California, Chamber of Commerce)
buttons that look like buttons , 225, 226
confusing form, 152
dumping users at another website, 103
improving newsletter subscription controls, 154, 156
main navigation scheme separated from site logistics, 91-92
pale blue buttons appearing to be inactive, 270, 271
poorly marked links, 222, 223, 224
self-links on the Help page, 114
spotting duplicate links at, 99-100
Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers website
displaying a blank page, 117
expired digital certificate, 33-34
poor search function default, 136-137
Mosaic Web browser, 6, self-link in the navigation bar, 112
muddling through, baffling websites , 164
multiline links, ambiguity of, 234-236
multiple search functions, costs of, 169
Mysterious Controls blooper, 151-157

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Web Bloopers. 60 Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Web Bloopers: 60 Common Web Design Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them (Interactive Technologies)
ISBN: 1558608400
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 128
Authors: Jeff Johnson

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