1.6. Bonjour

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Bonjour (http://developer.apple.com/networking/bonjour), formerly known as Rendezvous, is a networking technology that allows Bonjour-enabled devices on a local network to automatically discover each other. As are many Mac OS X applications, Terminal is Bonjour-enabled. For example, you can select File Connect to Server to make an SSH connection to any other Mac OS X system on the LAN, provided it allows such connections. The other Macs on the LAN are identified by their computer names, as specified in their Sharing System Preferences.

Announced in 2002 as Rendezvous, Bonjour is Apple's implementation of the Zero Configuration Networking open source project , also known as Zeroconf (http://www.zeroconf.org), which was initiated by the Internet Engineering Task Force (http://www.ietf.org) in 1999.

You can learn more about Rendezvous by reading Apple's Rendezvous Technology Brief at http://images.apple.com/macosx/pdf/Panther_Rendezvous_TB_10232003.pdf.

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