Appendix: Linux Command Reference


This appendix serves as a reference for many of the commands that you can type at the command-line interface.

Most Linux commands already have a manual; if you want to check them out, just refer to their man pages. It s easy to do; for a command such as ls , all you need to do is type the man ls command to open the standard Linux manual for that command.

However, man pages are written in a format that is less than comfortable to newer Linux users. A Linux guru might say that it s good for you to learn the beauty of the Linux man pages. That doesn t make man pages any easier to read. In this appendix, I ve organized a few important commands functionally; for the most part, these groupings correspond to the different parts of this book.

There is no way I can provide a comprehensive list in a single appendix; one good book for this purpose is Bryan Pfaffenberger s Linux Command Instant Reference .

For example, for Part I , Installing Red Hat Linux, there are only a few important commands. Functionally, they help you organize partitions, create boot disks, and set up network installations. The sections in this appendix are organized by different parts of this book. Subsections help you find commands based on what you want to do.

In addition, several commands are described in the bonus Web Chapters, 1 and 2, that are not detailed anywhere else.


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