Linux is built for networking. In this age of the Internet, that means that Linux is built as an operating system that works with web servers. You can set up a number of different web servers on Linux, including Apache, TUX, AOLServer, BOA, Zeus, and more.

Apache is the most popular web server on the Internet. With Apache version 2.0. x , you can now set up multiple Virtual Hosts on the same web server, using a single IP address.

The main Apache configuration file, httpd.conf , is long but not that complex. We ve analyzed it in three different sections: the global environment, which governs the operation of the server as a whole; parameters for the main server, which serve as defaults, and Virtual Hosts, where you can configure as many websites as your hardware can handle.

Red Hat recommends an alternative to Apache for static web pages, known as the Red Hat Content Accelerator. Formerly known as TUX, this web service is in many ways faster, because it resides directly in the Linux kernel. It s fairly easy to make these two web services work together. Red Hat recommends using TUX as the primary web server, referring to Apache for dynamic content.

This completes the main portion of this book. But the book doesn t end here ”one appendix follows . It is a reference for many basic Linux commands.

Also, we ve included five bonus chapters on the Sybex website. Web Chapter 1 takes a look at some of the major Linux certification programs. There are a broad range of Linux certifications available. CompTIA s Linux+ exam is targeted at near-entry-level Linux users with about six months of experience. The SAIR and LPI programs are targeted at junior- and mid-level systems administrators with two or more years of experience. Web Chapter 2 takes a look at the Red Hat hands-on certifications, which are among the most challenging and practical exams in the computer industry. Web Chapter 3 is a handy list of online resources and Web Chapter 4 contains a copy of the GNU/Linux General Public License. Lastly, Web Chapter 5 lists Red Hat Linux packages, by group , which can help you configure Kickstart installations. All of these can be found by navigating to and doing a quick search for Mastering Red Hat Linux 9.


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