Chapter 3. Optimizing Internet Applications

In this chapter, I'll address some of the annoyances associated with further customizing workstations for regular users. As most of these users are not comfortable with Linux, you'll have to configure a number of features and tools to ensure that your users' desktop environments "just work."

In the world of Linux, there are often several choices, even on the GUI, for key applications. Linux, after all, is about freedom of choice. For example, you can navigate around the World Wide Web with Firefox, Balsa, Epiphany, and Operaamong other browsers. You can manage email with Evolution, Thunderbird, KMail, etc.

As an administrator, you could well find that freedom of choice is not best for users. In fact, it can be helpful to standardize key applications. There is less to keep up-to-date, and fewer tools at which you'll have to become "the expert." In this chapter, I've arbitrarily selected what I believe are the most appropriate tools as of this writing. For example, I've assumed that Firefox is the most popular browser and Evolution is the most appropriate Personal Information Manager (PIM). While you may disagree with these decisions, the steps you take to standardize equivalent applications are similar.

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