Appendix C: The 2924 Switch Series Commands


The 2900 series switches are a range of low-cost access-layer switches. The entry-level models support standard layer 2 switching and up to 64 VLANs, while the 2948G-L3 provides layer 3 (CEF) switching. A Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) model is available to support metropolitan-area Ethernet connections.


If you would like a complete listing of the commands and the rationale behind the new and changed IOS commands, visit the Cisco website at

The (discontinued) 2926 series uses the CatOS operating system similar to the 4000 switches. Because these commands are largely limited to set, show, and clear, and are covered in detail in the main part of the book, you should refer to the relevant chapters for precise information about how to configure these switches.

The 2948, 2948G-L3, and 2980 switches all use standard IOS commands, and are not covered here. Please refer to the IOS commands throughout the book and in Appendix A to configure these models.

The 2912XL and 2924XL switches run a minimized version of IOS, with some slight variations in command format. These are the ones I propose to cover in this Appendix, because they appear nowhere else in the book.

This appendix is not designed to be the definitive list of commands for the 2900XL switches. It should, however, add to your general knowledge of the basic switch configuration where the 2900XL differs from the IOS.

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