2.4 Application project manager or leader

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WSAA is the tool for application project managers to use to support each tenet of an enterprise modernization strategy. It can help you with the following actions:

  • Provide access to technologies and processes

  • Deliver understanding of applications and program business flows

  • Analyze and discover interfaces

  • Generate external wrappers

  • Extract business processes for service creation, code segments, or visual interfaces

  • Enable skills building of differing technologies with diverse skill sets

  • Support testing and runtime execution for new applications and changes to old ones

WSAA concentrates on the componentization of application source code and runtime assets. WSAA is the “on ramp” for your enterprise modernization process.

WSAA is used to deliver application knowledge to all enterprise developers to facilitate the rapid change and delivery of new enterprise e-business applications.

You can use WSAA to:

  • Quickly understand applications and business flow, databases, transactions, and so forth.

  • Quickly size application changes.

  • Determine what resources are needed and build project plans which enable team members to focus on specific areas of application code for changes and re-use.

  • Build needed documentation and serve as a building block for missing expertise.

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