13.1 A Look at Eclipse 3.0


At this point, Eclipse 3.0 looks a lot like Eclipse 2.1, as you can see in Figure 13-1.

Figure 13-1. The current build of Eclipse 3.0

As we're going to see, some new buttons , menu choices, and views have appeared, but fundamentally, Eclipse 2.0 users will have no difficulty slipping right into this new version of Eclipse.

On the other hand, the Eclipse team has been experimenting with the look of views, editors, and perspectives in Eclipse 3.0, and there's no guarantee that Eclipse 3.0 will keep looking like Figure 13-1.

Some of the changes the Eclipse team is contemplating include rounding view tabs instead of the square ones currently in use, only presenting a single editor tab at once instead of stacking them (you can reach other editor tabs with arrow buttons), and displaying icons for perspectives at top right, not at left.

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