Using the Motion Tab


The Motion tab is the farthest-right tab in the Viewer window. It is available for use with every video clip you import or create with the Generator pop-up menu. Figure 12.27 shows its default settings when you click its tab in the Viewer window. With this window you can modify the parameters of a video clip's Basic Motion, Crop, Distort, Opacity, Drop Shadow, and Motion Blur settings.

Figure 12.27. The Motion tab default view.


Each set of these parameter settings has a triangle next to its name . By clicking a triangle, you can open its individual controls. Keep in mind that you can close the triangles to hide other parameters' settings so that you don't have to scroll through the window as much. Also note that the Drop Shadow and Motion Blur settings have to be turned on by checking the box next to each of their names . The other settings take effect when you modify them. The Basic Motion settings are described first.

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