Joining 98SEMe Clients to a Domain

Joining 98SE/Me Clients to a Domain

Tutorial: Joining a Windows 98SE/Me Client to an Active Directory Domain

Microsoft operating systems based on the older Windows 95 architecture (this includes both 98 and Me) have limited functionality in a Windows Server 2003 AD domain. They can join the domain, they can mount shared folders, and they can print. But most of the information on Group Policy Objects that we cover later in this chapter simply will not work with the older Microsoft operating systems. Clearly, Microsoft's push is to update to the newest operating system technology.

Just as with Windows XP and 2000, we must configure Windows Me/98's network settings to the proper IP address and DNS information so that the client may interact with the domain.

  1. On the Windows desktop, right-click the icon labeled My Network Places (or Network Neighborhood on Windows 98) and choose Properties . The default install of Windows may have some extra entries in this window. These are fine, and should not interfere with our domain.

    The items that absolutely need to be present are:

    • Client for Microsoft Networks

    • <Your ethernet card>

    • TCP/IP -> <Your ethernet card>

    If these items are not present, you can install them by clicking the Add button and choosing Client (for Client for Microsoft Networks) or Protocol (for TCP/IP). Windows Me and 98 both require a system restart after installing network components .

  2. Double-click TCP/IP ˆ’ > <Your ethernet card> and choose the IP Address tab.

  3. Click Specify an IP address . Fill in the following information:

    • IP Address ˆ’

    • Subnet Mask ˆ’

  4. Click the DNS (or DNS Configuration for Windows 98) tab and choose Enable DNS .

  5. In the Host and Domain fields, enter winme for Windows Me (or win98 for Windows 98) and guinea.pig , respectively.

  6. In the DNS Server Search Order field, enter and click Add ( Note: recall that this is the address of our Windows Server 2003 machine ). Click OK .

  7. Double-click Client for Microsoft Networks . Place a check in the box labeled Log on to Windows NT domain , and enter guinea in the Windows NT domain box:

    click to expand
  8. Click OK twice and restart the computer when prompted.

    Now that our Windows Me or 98 computer is joined to the domain, we must log in.

  9. Once the computer restarts, Windows presents a logon screen. The example here uses Tye D. Knot. Enter the following information in the logon screen:

    • User Name : tknot

    • Password: <tknot's password>

    The domain field is already filled in with our domain name guinea. Click OK .

  10. Windows may ask you to set your windows password. We wish to set this password the same as tknot's password. Enter this password again only in the Confirm new password box and click OK . After a few moments, the Windows 98/Me desktop appears.

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