Joining NT 4 Clients to a Domain

Tutorial: Joining a Windows NT 4 Client to an Active Directory Domain

Just as with Windows 98/Me, Windows NT 4 participation in a Windows Server 2003 domain is limited. Also keep in mind that an NT 4 client cannot participate in our domain unless it has been upgraded to at least Windows NT 4 Service Pack 3. However, the latest service pack is 6a, and we recommend downloading and installing it instead of version 3. You may obtain service pack 6a free of charge by surfing over to and searching for the term windows nt service pack 6a .

  1. On the Windows NT 4 desktop, right-click Network Neighborhood and choose Properties .

  2. If Windows NT networking is not installed, the system presents a setup wizard to guide you through the setup.

  3. Click the Protocols tab, and double-click the TCP/IP entry.

  4. Choose Specify an IP address , and enter the following information:

    • IP Address ˆ’

    • Subnet Mask ˆ’

  5. Click the DNS tab, and enter winnt4 and guinea.pig in the Host Name and Domain fields, respectively.

  6. In the box labeled DNS Service Search Order , click Add and enter ( recall that this is the IP address of the Windows Server 2003 computer ). Click OK . You may receive a warning about an empty WINS address. Click Yes to continue, and then click Close . Restart your NT 4 client when prompted.

  7. Once the computer reboots, right-click Network Neighborhood and choose Properties . Click the Identification tab, and click the Change button.

  8. Choose the Domain option, and enter guinea in the domain field.

  9. Place a check in Create a Computer account in the Domain , and enter the Windows Server 2003 administrator username and password. Click OK and Close . Restart the computer when prompted.

  10. After Windows NT reboots, it presents you with a logon screen to the domain. Again, we use tknot:

    • User Name: tknot

    • Password: <tknot's password>

Next to the Domain field, make sure that GUINEA is selected, and click OK . After a few moments, the Windows NT desktop appears.

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