Chapter 6. Power Firefox Tricks and Techniques

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  • Finding Your Configuration Files

  • Firefox Global Preferences and Properties

  • Creating and Editing user.js

  • Cascading Style Sheets: A Primer

  • Editing userChrome.css

  • Creating and Editing userContent.css

  • Using Themes

  • Changing Browser Behavior and Appearance

  • Other Browser Performance Improvements

  • Pipelining More Speed

  • Miscellaneous Performance Preferences

  • Power Firefox Tricks and Techniques Secrets for Power Users

All right, everyone keep their hands off the computer and no one gets hurt!" How many times have you felt that the program's developers don't want you to do any customization? How many times has a program been great, except for those two or three things that make it more difficult for you? Have you wondered if it might be possible to improve the performance of an application? Well, this chapter is for you: It is time to learn to spiff up and add nitrous to Firefox!

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    Firefox and Thunderbird. Beyond Browsing and Email
    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
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