Cleaning Up a Chart

Imported charts may need a little cleanup. The process is simple.


Select slide 2 in the slide organizer.

Some extraneous information was imported with the slidenotice the several overlapping lines at 0%. Also notice the illegible legend at the bottom of the chart. Problems like these are easy to fix.


Select the chart in the canvas.


Select the Chart Inspector and click the Edit Data button.

We need to edit the chart data to see why all of the zeros appear in the chart.

The Chart Data Editor opens, but information is partially cut off and you need to expand the window to see it.


Grab the corner of the Chart Data Editor and drag down and to the right to enlarge it.

There are several empty columns that contain only zeros. These need to be deleted.


Click the header of the yellow column to select it.


Drag the scroll bar at the bottom of the Chart Data Editor window so you see the last column of zeros.


Hold down the Shift key and click the header of the last column filled with zeros.


Choose Edit > Delete to remove the extra columns of information.

The other conversion issue we need to address is the illegible legend beneath the x-axis.


Close the Chart Data Editor.


Click the dense text area at the bottom of slide 2.


Working in the Labels, Ticks, & Grids area of the Chart Inspector, from the X-Axis menu choose Diagonal Labels.

This will reorient the labels and make them easier to read in a small space.

The text in the legend is still too large and overlaps itself.


Click the Fonts button in the document toolbar to open the Font panel.


Change the font size to 12 points; then close the Font panel.


Click the legend near the top on the slide and drag it so it is centered on the slide canvas.

Yellow alignment guides will pop up when the text is centered.

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