Assembling Project Assets

In this lesson, you'll be creating marketing pieces for a band called The Nadas. You are going to create three items that a band often needs to help market themselves:

  • A poster, for hanging in live venues and music stores.

  • A postcard, for promoting upcoming concerts.

  • An informational one-sheet, for sending to venues for booking and radio stations for promotion.

You can use the same tasks to create marketing tools to promote any event, group, or cause that you work with.

To get started, you're going to add some images of the band to your iPhoto library. This will allow you to easily use the images in your work in Pages.


Open the Lesson 08 folder; then open the 08Images folder inside.

The folder contains 12 images that we'll use for this project.


With the folder window active, press Command-A to select all of the images in the folder; then drag them onto the iPhoto icon in the Dock.


Switch to iPhoto and click the Last Roll button to see the last imported photos.


Press Command-A to select all of the images in the roll; then choose File > New Album From Selection (Command-Shift-N) and name the new album 08 Nadas.

Albums are a tool for saving a group of photos for easy viewing.


Quit iPhoto.


Launch Pages.

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